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Old and New School

The fire service is constantly evolving, and the rope rescue arena is not exception. At most departments, the training provided is based on the department’s desired skill level for its members.

That means for many firefighters, the rope rescue educational path ends there. This situation presents a couple of significant challenges:

Skill atrophy: If you do not embrace ongoing education in rope rescue (or any response area that you deal with), your skills will drop off to a point where you can become ineffective when working on an incident with other responders.

Conflicting training levels: Not staying current with training can create a situation where members of the same department have trained in different methods, leading to division among the ranks.

Both skills atrophy and conflicting training levels can create a difficult situation at the department. Consider a scenario where a new department member goes for training in a specialty area. The course consists of the most advanced and up-to-date methods being practiced at the time, which do not correspond with the training that the more senior department members before received on the same topic. Upon returning from training, the new member is full of energy and enthusiasm, and when they attempt to share the new information, they are met with resistance by those senior members who hold on tightly to their version of training. These types of responses have a negative impact on the recently trained member’s motivation and morale.

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