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Our Services

Welcome to Keyon Global, an investment and consultancy company. We are a global innovation consulting and investment firm exclusively focused on innovation, product development and product life-cycle management.

Keyon Global helps companies deliver on the promise of innovation. This means we help clients improve performance, drive profitability and create sustainable results by improving operations.

  • Business and Innovation Strategy
    How do I build better innovation to deliver increased growth and results?
  • Front End of Innovation
    How do I convert ideas and concepts into tangible business value?
  • Portfolio and Pipeline Management
    How do I select the right portfolio for investment?
  • New Product Development Execution
    How do I successfully bring products to market?
  • Value Management
    How do I create and capture value from products and services?
  • Business Intelligence and Innovation Analytics
    How do I measure the real value of innovation?
  • Product Life cycle Management (PLM) Technology
    How do I manage product information across the life cycle?
  • Innovation and Change Leadership
    How do I enable and sustain organizational change?
  • Intellectual Property Management
    How do I drive growth from intellectual property?

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